Robotic Empire Halloween Shirt Giveaway & Distro Update

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Robotic Empire Halloween Shirt Giveaway & Distro Update

Bericht door RoboticEmpire » wo okt 28, 2015 3:16 am

Hi everyone, a quick little update for you this week with some oddities from Blue Sky Writings that include a John Wiese 7", some cheap Celeste CDs, a Ghastly City Sleep12", and a few other rare items. Tor Johnson sent us their first large hole 7" from Aneurysm and you certainly need to check out the 2 releases we brought in from Avant Records. If you're into Jessica 93 then White Hex will be a band to give a listen to. Can't stop playing that new album lately!

From now till Halloween we'll be offering this Robotic shirt hookup! All orders over $50 (before shipping) get a FREE Robotic Empire "Spear Woman" shirt! Just enter your shirt size into the "notes" section at checkout and we'll juice ya up! BOO(ya)!

In other Robotic Empire related news, long time Robo manager Lindsay has started up her own label named Wortcunner Records. Her first two releases are available for pre-order now on the Wortcunner Bandcamp Page so head on over there and give a listen to 1 Mile North and support the new venture! Follow Wortcunner on Facebook and on Instagram: wortcunner_records

Here's the full list of new items for this weeks update. Thanks everyone!

Robotoic Empire Online Store

Aneurysm - Veronica 7" (Tor Johnson) $4.99
Celeste - Pessimiste(s) CD (Blue Sky Writings) $0.99
Flesh Eating Creeps - The Book About The Movie: Complete Recordings 1995-2000 Cassette (Handstand) $4.99
Ghastly City Sleep - Lunic Driftwood: Remnants & Remixes 12" (Blue Sky Writings) $13.99
Hand Of Dust - Like Breath Beneath A Veil 12" (Avant!) $19.99
He Whose Ox Is Gored - The Camel, The Lion, The Child 2x12" (Bleeding Light) $17.99
John Wiese - Winter Vacation - WHITE COLORED VINYL 7" (Blue Sky Writings) $4.99
Juniper Strain, The - Self-Titled - CLEAR GREEN COLORED VINYL 12" (Blue Sky Writings) $9.99
Longings - Self-Titled 12" (Framework) $12.99
Noise-A-Tron - Vast Arcane 12" (Bleeding Light) $8.99
Wether & Methadrone - Split - MARBLE GREEN COLORED VINYL 12" (Blue Sky Writings) $5.99
White Hex - Heat 12" (Avant!) $19.99

New Items and Restocks from 10.8.15

Abstracter - Tomb of Feathers 12" (Shove) $14.99
Ancient Wisdom - Sacrifical 12" (Magic Bullet) $9.99
Brother Dege - Folk Songs Of The American Longhair 12" (Magic Bullet) $9.99
Brother Dege - How To Kill A Horse 12" (Magic Bullet) $9.99
Cloud Rat - Qliphoth Cassette (Dead Tank) $4.99
Cold Waste / Burnt Hair - Burnt Waste Cassette (Dead Tank) $4.99
Harmonic Cross - It Is Finished 12" (Magic Bullet) $9.99
Integrity - Suicide Black Snake 12" (Magic Bullet) $9.99
Meatwound - Addio 12" (Magic Bullet) $9.99
Mutoid Man - Helium Head 12" (Magic Bullet) $9.99
NY In 64 - Self-Titled - CLEAR COLORED VINYL 12" (Magic Bullet) $9.99
Pigs - Wronger 12" (Solar Flare) $19.99
Raein - Perpetuum 12" (Shove) $14.99
Senior Fellows - Shallow Grave 12" (Dead Tank) $7.99
Siege Fire, The - Dead Refuge 12" (Dead Tank) $7.99
Sofy Major - Waste 12" (Solar Flare) $15.99
Sweet Cobra - Earth - CLEAR ORANGE COLORED VINYL 12" (Magic Bullet) $9.99
This Will Destroy You - Live In Reykjavik Iceland 3x12" (Magic Bullet) $24.99
Wormwood - Self-Titled 12" (Magic Bullet) $9.99
Zex - Fight For Yourself - CLEAR COLORED VINYL 12" (Magic Bullet) $9.99

Abstracter - Wound Empire 12" (Vendetta) $14.99
This Will Destroy You - Moving on the Edges of Things 12'' *PICTURE DISC VINYL* (Magic Bullet) $9.99
This Will Destroy You - Self-Titled 2x12'' *CLEAR ORANGE COLORED VINYL* (Magic Bullet) $16.99
This Will Destroy You - Young Mountain 12'' *CLEAR GREEN COLORED VINYL* (Magic Bullet) $9.99
Thou - DIY T-Shirt - Size: SMALL (Robotic Empire) $14.99
Thou - DIY T-Shirt - Size: MEDIUM (Robotic Empire) $14.99
Thou - DIY T-Shirt - Size: LARGE (Robotic Empire) $14.99
Thou - DIY T-Shirt - Size: EXTRA LARGE (Robotic Empire) $14.99
Wrong - Stop Giving 12'' *VINYL* (Robotic Empire) $11.99

Head on over to the Robotoic Empire Online Store and get yourself a free shirt on all orders over $50!

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