Retribution - Death/Thrash uit Limburg

Jouw band, andere bands .. alles kun je hier kwijt
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Retribution - Death/Thrash uit Limburg

Bericht door powertieke » vr nov 29, 2019 9:40 am

The heroic call of the ancients runs deep through the souls of the mountainfolk. An eerie feel of death and decay permeates the very rock of this barren kingdom, yet I hear the fish there are especially nice and juicy. Everything, except for that silly moose on the riverside (he just doesn’t seem to want to leave!), is black and dark... and shiny!

Then, as the heavens part with a mighty thunderclap, a ray of hope sheds its alluring light on the ancient castle towers up on the hill, and the sounds of screams and torture seem to vanish in the fog. “RETRIBUTION...”; the battle cry echoes through the night, luring creatures of the dark out of their decrepit tombs and simultaneously warning people to stay indoors and well out of the way of the horrors that lurk in the dark...

Luckily, Retribution brought their pink, fluffy towels, their inflatable life rafts and their industrial strength breath mints! Thusly armed, the fearsome foursome storms the gates of the grand castle on the mighty red mountain, where they do battle with the mighty wizard. After an arduous battle, Retribution kicks the foul enchanter off his thorny throne and restore a small semblance of peace to this dark and grim world. Thus it came to pass that Retribution rules all!

Oh, and they also play metal...

So if you’ve got an earache, and you don’t know where it came from. And if you can find them, maybe you can blame...

Mijn bandje. Al duizenden jaren spelen we metal en nemen we soms een CD op. De laatste ("I am the Ghost of my Past") is op dit moment op alle gangbare streamingdiensten te beluisteren -> ... of-my-past

CD-tjes bij de band verkrijgbaar. Contactinformatie staat op de website:

En tot slot een liedje.
Je moeder is best een leuk mens.

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