MMM: Diepenhorst + UnderAged @ Little Devil, Tilburg 14/12

Hier kan je alles kwijt over concerten en festivals.
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MMM: Diepenhorst + UnderAged @ Little Devil, Tilburg 14/12

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The 18th and last MMM show for 2018!!

Hailing from the Tilburg / Waalwijk area, Diepenhorst is a group of non-serious, middle-aged man, who already earned their spurs in music.
They try to "rape" 70's and 80's metal / rocksongs, by giving them our own treatment......lots of double-bass, groovy bass-lines.....more and longer guitarsolo's and expressive vocals.
They don't take theirselves very serious, they don't pretend to be very good....but wherever and whenever they play, there's a guarantee for a lot of ambiance and nonsense.
Lots of alcohol makes the show even more fun for the audience and the band. Playing their own versions of bands like ZZ-Top, The Osmonds, Motorhead, UFO, Thin Lizzy, Thin Lizzy and lots more, give people the opportunity to go wild and sing along. The hectic stageshow will be a surprise for lots of people, but....they do it own way!
If a gig of Diepenhorst has'nt enriched your life yet....put it on your's too short to wait....and remember Diepenhorst does only do 2-maximum shows a year!

UnderAged, A Rock Coverband from the Waalwijk - Kaatsheuvel area that was founded about a year ago. Since the start of this year they are really serious about rehearsing and they have had a few gigs, for example at the Halve Zolen Festival and at Bork Totaal. The band consists of: • Joris Pabor (drums) • Rowan Damen (guitar) • Tim Hoevenaar (guitar) • Nikki Brouwers (vocal) • Kyara Maas (vocal) • Mick Hamers (bass)
Their repertoire ranges from AC/DC and the Foo Fighters to Avenged Sevenfold and Rage Against The Machine, among others.

Place; Little Devil, Stationsstraat 27, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Date: Friday 14 December 2018
Doors: 19:00

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